I want my beans to have the BEST of me!

My why that makes me cry is this little girl right here and her sister. My family is why I do everything I do.

I had always chosen to take care of everybody else before myself. And I mean everybody without taking care of me. Then I got sick.The reason I wake up and exercise every day is not for a 6 pack or the size of my jeans.I eat healthily and exercise for MY HEALTH. I am the ONLY mom my kids have and I want them to get the best of me! Being overweight, depressed, tired ALL the time, felt terrible, minimized my quality of life and truthfully I felt like I was watching life pass me by and wasn’t living it. Then I found my passion, my purpose my LIVE IT.

As I got healthy from the inside I transformed and now I am dedicated to helping other women moms especially get their energy and health back.
Julie xo